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Florida Tour
View Poster,  Video and Photos of
Wolf Krakowski in Concert
with the Lonesome Brothers & Friends
University of Florida @ Gainesville
held November 15, 2008

from Lonesome Brothers blog (18/11/08)
We just made it back from a fine four day tour in northern Florida.
We started with two dates in Hudson north of Tampa Bay at a great club called Pape Kibo's. This place has a well-educated audience looking
for original music. Ears trained finely for new sounds and songs. It's the only place like it in Florida. Our old drummer Bob Grant runs the place and spent a year kicking out card players and hangers-on until only the music lovers remained.



photo credit Bob Grant
Wolf Krakowski, UFL, 11 /15/ 08


Thursday night we played one set opening for the Donny Simonds Band.
The audience response was great; they seemed to love everything they heard. On Friday we took the whole night playing two long sets to a full house with smoked meat being consumed out on the patio in the 70 degree night. We brought our friend Wolf Krakowski up for a song in the first set and them two in the second set and the audience went nuts and he did a third. And Wolf sings in Yiddish. This was a great audience.

Saturday morning we all headed up to Gainesville for a show at the Peforming Arts Center at the University. Another full house and a great show with Wolf. It was a fine trip and except for the plane catching fire on the way home everything went smoothly.


Gainesville, FL Concert 11/15/08
J.D., Gainesville, FL
(Personal correspondence)
I thoroughly enjoyed your performance in Gainesville, Florida. I especially loved the sound of your voice and also how you told stories in between the
songs. The Ladies and the Lonesome Brothers were great, too. I loved it all.

You have a very warm and charming smile and it was a pleasure meeting you. I will surely come to see you perform whenever there is another chance. I was so very happy for the opportunity to hear your wonderful performance this time around.

Your voice and music have comforted that empty feeling in my soul!

Thank you and bless you always.

One of a Kind, December 21, 2008
From Amazon.com

I saw Wolf Krakowski, the Lonesome Brothers and his backup singers in concert in Gainesville FL. It was like entering a strange and spooky world - the voices of a language almost never heard anymore, set to bluesy rhythms that rock gently.
Now I own this album (Goyrl: Destiny) and the translation in the liner notes are testament to the pain, sadness and regret that are heard so plainly in Krakowski's voice. Songs of regrets over the loss of family, of parents treated badly, a calf on its way to slaughter, a thief who longs to change. Folk songs of enforced poverty and conscription.
I love this album, and every time I listen to it, Krakowski's voice seems more expressive.
This album is a labor of love, made in defiance against a world that may soon forget the circumstances that produced it, but the spiritual longings are still relevant and beautifully expressed.

-By Ayalablu "SandHillGarden" (Florida)

Celebrate Brooklyn 2007 Concert Announcement
View photo album

Chasing The Fat Man
by Mark Rubin
Wolf Krakowski, along with his fine guitar slinger Jim Armenti, put in a solid set with me on the electric bass Read full review....

Yiddish Life Is A Carnival
Wolf Krakowski and Fraidy Katz sang a kind of gritty, rocking Yiddish art music.
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From NW Source

Here's my summary, which will make it clear why I'll be first in line for my season pass next summer. Everything you wanted to hear in Yiddish music (until next year, at the very earliest): Frank London's Yiddish Carnival. But it took a dude in a black hat and shades, Wolf Krakowski, to steal the show.

Celebrate Brooklyn Concert Photos
by Betty Blade

Wolf Krakowski in New York
by Itzik Gottesman
Yiddish Forverts (Forward), July 18, 2003

On June nineteenth, Yiddish rock and roll singer Wolf Krakowski and his band stopped by the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan.  As the sun was setting on the banks of the Hudson River, the singer performed a number of Yiddish songs, many unknown to the audience.  One of the merits of Krakowski's recordings and performances is the fact that  one doesn't hear the same old retread songs; he has sought out and acquired an interesting repertoire. The musicians, including guitarist Jim Armenti  masterfully combined the Yiddish melodies with American rhythms.  A female vocal trio backed up Krakowski's singing.

Not only were the songs new, but so were Krakowski's interpretations.  For example, the thief's song "Khvel Shoyn Mer Nisht Ganvenen" ("I'll Never Steal Again"), which is usually sung cheerfully upbeat, was transformed by the singer into an American slow blues that depicted the melancholy of the Jewish thief.  In Krakowski's singing we hear an attempt to join the African-American blues tradition with that of Jewish folksong.

After the performance we noticed that not  everyone in the audience understood Krakowski¹s approach to Yiddish song.  Does he contribute anything Jewish to the songs or do they become transformed into American songs?  As Krakowski¹s first CD is aptly titled "Gilgul" ("Transmigrations"), I  would think he would have enjoyed the discussion.

--Translated from the Yiddish by A.N.

"Electric shtetl-rock"
von Kristina Maroldt
Aufbau ,New York - Berlin, July 10, 2003

"Der Sanger und Gitarrist Wolf Krakowski verbindet traditionelle
jiddische Lider mit Elementen moderner amerikanischer Musik."

Wolf Krakowski: Yidishe Neshome (Jewish Soul)
By Mae Rockland Tupa
University of Connecticut, March 26, 2003

I wish I could have brought my =tate= to the UConn campus at
Storrs last week to hear Wolf Krakowski and his band.  Daddy would have
loved it. He came to America from the Ukraine at 14 and became a glazier,
but his heart was always in the theatre. He met my Mama at the Yiddish
Theatre on Second Avenue, and as soon as I was old enough, he took me to as many performances as he could afford. That was a while ago. My sons also
love to make music, they are fluent in Spanish rather than Yiddish, and play
blues, jazz, and rock rather then klezmer or Yiddish show tunes. When Wolf
and The Lonesome Brothers made music at UConn, time telescoped and all of the generations were there.  Read full review.....

Wolf Krakowski at the National Yiddish Book Center
by Seth Rogovoy
Amherst, Mass., December 20, 1999

My family and I, as well as more than a hundred other concertgoers packed into a standing-room-only theater at National Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Mass., Sunday afternoon, enjoyed a remarkable performance by Wolf Krakowski and his band. 
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