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Celebrate Shabbat


Celebrate Yiddish


The Rough Guide to Klezmer Revolution
Released in August 2008

Compilation includes:
Friling (Springtime) by Wolf Krakowski
Listen to Friling on Youtube.

Rec: March 17, 2008 Westhampton, MA With the Lonesome Brothers, Dan Lombardo, Fraidy Katz, Pamela Smith, Laila Salins & Josh Horowitz

Wolf Krakowski knows better than almost anyone that, for Jews, who piss a lot of people off by continuing to live at all, the best revenge is living extraordinarily well. Taking the need to revisit "Friling" in a new recorded performance in stride, Wolf and his kapelye  have brought Yiddish worldbeat, the idiom he invented and continues to own, to the next celestial level, a truly seamless fusion of well, damn near everything a smart rootless cosmopolitan could want to hear on a good night. It's just enough slower to loosen the groove to a place where lesser lights would plotz, evoking the spirit of Highway 61, Big Pink,Sly, Aretha and Otis of blessed memory. At the top of his game, Wolf has the chutzpah to invite an accordion into his personal sonic landscape, a squeeze of genius that's not only semitic, but multivalently semantic: I hear Brel, Piazzola, and stomach Steinway sheets of sound that summon a bisl Coltrane into the last choruses. L'chaim!
--Alex Lubet, Ph.D
  University of Minnesota

" Klezmer-goes-country with with the legendary Wolf Krakowski's sandpapery voice on "Friling" (Springtime) . . . Read More"
Lana Cooper

"Wolf Krakowski possesses one of the most unique voices in Yiddish music, something between Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. His personal story is compelling ...Read More"
--Dan Rosenberg, Producer
  From the Liner Notes